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Documentary Photography

'Living Off Grid'

Lammas eco village is located in North Pembrokeshire, Wales. The village is a collective of  smallholdings who have worked together to create a sustainable way of living. The project supports a permaculture approach and keeps a low-impact lifestyle. 

The homes in the village are created using natural or recycled materials, each plot costing between £35,000 and £40,000 and have 5 years to establish their homes. Each of the plots source their own water and heating the residents are largely dedicated to growing their own foods, creating a land-based business and processing organic waste. 

The Ecovillage has brought in residents from all around the UK  from all different backgrounds. They have all been brought together in a community and making a change to the earth.This project is focusing on the lifestyle of Tao and Hoppi Wimbush, one of the 8 people who started the Lammas project, Living off grid is a documentation of  their plot and the work they put into living in a sustainable way.

Women in Agriculture

Women in Agriculture and Horticulture project is dedicated to women all around the UK who work within the Agriculture or Horticulture. The main aim is to build a true representation of women and capture the rise of women who work on farms in particular but also any role within Agriculture or Horticulture. With women now making up one this of the agriculture sector, as traditionally it would be seen as a male-dominated workforce and looking back 9 or 10 years ago there were virtually no women farmers, only women seen as farmers wives. But with this tradition has changed because of these inspiring women and many others. 

The Pheasant Chase


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